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This pot was a part of the Holvila Bonsai Pot december edition.


"A year has come to an end and we are heading towards brighter times. Death is constantly reminded in the world we live in, but it also gives birth to the hope of life. It is as if death comes with life. This month I have been working on my trademark skulls, which continue to evolve as I decided to make fewer pots this month to be able to spend more time on details and finish. I have therefore brought in my wife Carina Jern's pots and let her stand for hope and life with her colorful creations that sprout and bud in red hunger and green hope."

Carina Jern 23-084

  • width: 73 mm / 2.9"
    height: 66 mm / 2.6"
    deep inside: 53 mm / 2.1"

  • Style: Round
    Clay: White with lava spots
    Glazed and fully vitrified frost resistant stoneware

    Thors comment: "Another fantastic glaze result. I know how difficult it is to succeed with something like this. But I also know that one of Carina's strengths is her unique technique of applying the glaze."

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