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Carina Jern, ceramist from Gothenburg Sweden. She gradueted 2002 from 2 years in Art school. Became a part of the ceramic group "22ans keramik" in 2002. Carina founded her own studio in 2008 and started to make vases for Ikebana 2013. In 2017 Carina went to Tokoname in Japan for personal training by Ikebana master and bonsai potter Hidemi “Shuho” Kataoka. Carina makes unique handmade containers for Ikebana, Bonsai, Kokedama, Kusamono, Shitakusa or Accent. Each piece is individually made with great love and care.

In 2005, Carina started to work in Aeroseum – a airplane museum in Gothenburg, with exhibition design, and there she started doing Ikebana - free style. Since she live together and also share studio with Thor Holvila, she has been very inspired by the bonsai world. All fairs, exhibitions, magazines and other litterature in the subject have gained my interest in kusamono, kokedama and accents. That escalated into a trip to Japan in 2017 where Carina went through personal training by Ikebana master and bonsai potter Hidemi “Shuho” Kataoka who has 30 years experience. He focused on the style and basics of the Shogetsudo-koryo school of Ikebana.

Carina love to experiment with different glazes, designs and shapes. The straight logical human thinking of geometrics mixed with natures organic kaos. She also exaggerate a lot. Some features might appear grotesque and out of portion, but there is a balance in there. A lot like what you find in older chinese pottery. That often take expression in the feets and rim. Carina makes Ikebana with the flowers, leaves etc. that grow here in the north for the season. And togetherwith the container it will make an own lanscape.

"To say that I find my inspiration in me is true. When I cut out a pattern or process a peace of clay, I create without any thought to the outcome, but when I later analyzes I see nature, the eternal materials - the source of were all we artists pouring out".

Carina Jern

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