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"For those of you who have followed me and my work, it probably hasn't escaped to notice that my wife and life partner Carina Jern plays a big role in my work. She not only glazes some of my pots, especially the smaller and colorful ones, she was also in Japan and worked together with Hidemi "Shuhou" Kataoka at the Yoshimura kiln in Tokoname at the same time as me. She also took the opportunity there to further develop her interest in Ikebana, Suiban and Kusamono, three of the art forms she primarily focus on, alongside Shitakusa and Bonsai pots. I have therefore chosen to strike a blow for her work this month as I am in deep gratitude to her and want her work to reach a greater audience. So let me introduce Carina Jern with a selection of her unique shapes and spectacular colors."

Carina Jern 23-044

  • width: 98 mm / 1.4"
    inside width: 69 mm / 2.7"
    height: 70 mm / 2.7"
    deep inside: 63 mm / 2.5"

  • Style: Square 
    Clay: Bone white
    Glazed and fully vitrified frost resistant stoneware

    Thors comment: "I know how difficult it is to succeed with this glaze. The yellow glaze that crowns the rim gives that pot that extra oomph."

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